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Our First YouTube Video

August 31, 2008

This is our first YouTube video.  Along with our weblog, Alianza is expanding their publicity and technological horizons.  What are your thoughts?


Contact Aldo Gallardo (President) at for more information.


10 Things to Do to Make Your Freshman Experience Better

August 27, 2008

Hey, Class of 2012!

I’m sure you’re getting anxious to get on campus, especially since all of your friends are already in the classroom.  But no worries, keep enjoying your summer and having fun.  In the mean time, here are ten things to do to make your freshman experience even better.

1. College takes work.  Yes, all of us are at Northwestern because we’re overachievers.   High school came easy to us, but don’t expect college to be a breeze.   To some, it will be, but, coming from personal experience, be prepared to work hard.

2. By the same token, don’t stress out too much.  Have fun.  For every paper written, every research marathon at the library and every sleepless night, remember to enjoy yourself.  Life is short.  

3. Be open-minded.  Try new things, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone.  Meet new people.  NU has people from all around the world and from all facets of life, who are epistemologically diverse.

4. Participate in clubs and organizations.  You can continue with an activity from high school or try out something new.  Come to Alianza meetings and events.  Join a musical group, like a woodwind quintet or one of the many a capella ensembles.  Dance?  There’s Blast or Mezcla.  Really, there’s an endless list to choose from.  So go on and choose!

5. Don’t expect your mom’s comida.  The dining halls aren’t too bad, but it doesn’t compare to our sazón.  And don’t forget to buy Ramen – it’ll satisfy any midnight hunger.  But also buy healthy alternatives like apples, so you can avoid the dreaded Freshman Fifteen.

6. Be responsible.  You’re on your own now.  Clean your room – messy room = messy life.  If you’re going to drink, drink responsibly.  Don’t wait until your last pair of underwear to do laundry.  And of course, do the readings.

7. Don’t procrastinate too much.  A little facebook here and there is fine.  5:00am talks with friends are great.  Just remember your priorities.

8. If you have a roommate, be cooperative with her/him.  Keep an open dialogue about room dynamics and always be respectful of each other and each other’s belongings.

9. Become friends with a professor, preferably your academic advisor.  Having an adult figure during your college years will be valuable for guidance in your academic, professional and even personal life.

10. Call home.  La familia misses you.


Contact Aldo Gallardo (President) at for more information.

Festival LatiNU

August 26, 2008

Click to read The Daily article on Festival LatiNU '07

The annual kick-off event for Hispanic Heritage Month, Festival LatiNU is a staple event at Northwestern University.  Last year’s theme was “A Mosaic of Cultural Dances.”  Three performance groups were brought to campus to showcase their talents at the Norris University Center.  The event was completely free, and was catered with Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban food.

Mark your calendars for this year’s Festival LatiNU: “Mi Casa, Tu Casa!” being held on October 3, 2008 in the Louis Room at the Norris University Center from 6:30pm-9:00pm.  See you there!


Please contact Aldo Gallardo (President) at for more information.

Gastronomical Oversight Update

August 26, 2008

After I wrote I a letter, I received a reply from the University Parent Guide people immediately.  I would like to thank them for their swift and subsequent action.  Read their reply below.

Hi Aldo,

Thank you for your feedback about the dining section of the Northwestern University Parent Guide.  We appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns.  Please click on the link below to view the updates you suggested, and we look forward to updating them in the 2009-2010 printed parent guide.

Aldo, again thank you for your feedback.  Best wishes for a successful and stress-free Fall semester.

Best regards,
Amy Travis
Director of College and University Relations 

929 Pearl St., Ste. 200
Boulder, CO 80302 

Toll Free: (866) 721-1357
Fax: (800) 717-4971

Gastronomical Oversight

August 26, 2008

Below is a letter I wrote to the appropriate people regarding the oversight of Latin restaurants in the University Parent Guide.

To whom it may concern:

The 2008-2009 Northwestern University Parent Guide ( was distributed to all of the incoming parents and students.  As a senior, I am still eager to read about the wonderful opportunities available at Northwestern and to learn more about the surrounding Evanston area.

As a gastronomy enthusiast, I was looking forward to the dining section of the guide.  Restaurants for all tastes were listed: American, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Asian, French, Middle Eastern, Italian, etc.  What was missing?  Latin food.

Without discussing the linguistic inappropriateness of the word “Latin,” I am referring to foods from Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain.  As a member of the Latino community and president of Alianza  The Hispanic/Latino Student Alliance I was disappointed that Northwestern would overlook our cuisine.

Evanston does, indeed, have Latin dining establishments.  Tapas Bacelona, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Las Palmas, That Little Mexican Café, Asado Brazilian Grill — and at the lower echelon, even Taco Bell (

With every incoming class comes about 100+ Latina/o students and countless others whose palates crave Latin food.  They will think these restaurants do not exist, and worse, that Northwestern and the Evanston community ignores them and their tastes.

I understand that it is too late to reprint new guides; however, to ameliorate this error, the online guide should at least be updated to include these restaurants.

Northwestern University is renowned for their academics, career opportunities and, personally, for fostering leadership among its students.  I would not like this mistake to taint our university, a beacon of social equality.

Thank you for your time,