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Latin@ State of the Union Address

September 30, 2008


I assumed the position of President last spring, but have been with Alianza since September 2005.  I ran on a platform of creating a familial atmosphere for everyone and uniting la communidad.  Like Spiderman, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”  Since I got off the plane at the O’Hare Airport, I have had to double-dutch back into the thick of things – it has been a beyond busy two weeks.  But I love it.

I want to remind everyone that my Executive Board, Christian Yañez and I are here to serve you.  Like I’ve been telling several listening ears – and trust me, the podium is set and the microphone is on – I want to hear your concerns, constructive criticisms and praise.  Let this be the year that we unite not only our Latin@ community, but the entire multicultural community and the greater Northwestern University campus.  With a 5-0 current standing in football, why aren’t we uniting and rejoicing life, hand-in-hand?  If I, personally, cannot reap the benefits of our altruism, then the future incoming classes will.

Moreover, I understand that I’m a character for some.  One of my personal projects is maintaining proper swagger and decorum.  I, too, am a work in progress.  We all have erasers on our pencils and we all make mistakes, it’s how we recover from them and ameliorate the situation is what counts.  My actions will speak louder than my words, as you soon will find out.

Alianza has a new administration, and with this positive change, we are eager to work for you.  Our fall quarter will showcase our wonderful culture[s] during Hispanic Heritage Celebration (spanning the entire quarter).  The next two quarters, we will be strengthening our multicultural community and, thus, the Northwestern campus.  We have many co-sponsorships in the works with various student groups: greek organizations, A&O, Organización Latina de Evanston, Hillel, professional groups, PASA, NU Engagement Coalition, Kaibigan, Rainbow Alliance, journalism publications, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, political organizations, Asian/Asian American Student Affairs, LANU, religious bodies, FMO, College Feminists, volunteer coalitions, all of the Latina/o undergraduate student groups and many more.

As a reminder, we welcome everyone, Latin@ and non-Latin@ alike, with open arms.  This 2008-2009 academic school year, we – Latin@s, hispanos, latin people, mi gente, humanity – have arrived.  Indeed, we have.  Pa’ delante, siempre.

We hope to see you at Festival LatiNU: “Mi Casa, Tu Casa,” our kickoff event symbolic of how we do things around here.  It’s this Friday, 10/3, 6:00PM sharp, Louis Room (Norris), 1999 Campus Drive, Evanston.  Ya tú sabe’.

In strong solidarity,
Aldo Mauricio Gallardo



Please contact Aldo Gallardo (President) at for more information.


Weekly Announcements 9/29

September 29, 2008

The Hispanic/Latino Student Alliance
September 28, 2008

Alianza Announcements:
I. Become A Part of An ALIANZA Committee
II. Alianza Hoodies Available
III. Perform at the Mezcla Open Mic Night!
Events and Meetings:
I. La Vista Northshore (Radio)
II. A Declaration of Immigration at The National Museum of Mexican Art
III. Election 2008: New Voters, New Media, New Engagement
IV. Chicago Field Studies Information Session
V. The Asian American Studies Program annual OPEN HOUSE
VI. Premiere of A Forgotten Justice
VII. This week is your LAST CHANCE to register to vote! 
Volunteer Opportunities:
I. NU Students for Barack Obama!
II. Help coordinate a voter registration table next week with NU Decides.

Job Opportunities
I. USG Part-time Accounting Intern
II. Nuestra Cultura Theater Project
III. Position Open at Latina and Latino Studies


Alianza Announcements:
I. Become a part of a committee and help ALIANZA during the Hispanic Heritage Celebration or on other events throughout the year!

Programming Committee:
Interested in helping create and put together ALIANZA’S general events throughout the Year?
You can help with the Hispanic Heritage Celebration events, such as Festival LatiNU!


Latina/o Studies Program Committee-
LSP ¡Ahora! Student Planning Committee-
Interested in creating programming and awareness about Latina/o Studies at Northwestern?
Fundraising Committee:
If you are interested in assisting with ALIANZA’S fundraisers, planning and organizing and/or have ideas for great fundraisers please contact:
Community Outreach Committee:
Community outreach committee is a way to CREATE your own space. Yes, become part of a committee that will give you the opportunity/flexibility to shape the Northwestern Community. Are you interested in connecting ALIANZA to other student organizations? Then, this is for you. If you are interested in community service, would like to organize your own community service event, get to know the Latino community on campus, become more involved with Chicagoland organizations, be an entrepreneur in a brand new idea or just be part of something NEW on campus. The community outreach committee is for you. We welcome everyone! For more info contact Veronica Morales at or check me out on facebook.
Mezcla Committee:
Mezcla is the performing arts group under Alianza and serves as an outlet for students who want to showcase their talents. Mezcla puts together and Open Mic Night during fall quarter and The Big Show during spring quarter. Mezcla’s major goal this year is to put together a theater production winter quarter. If anyone is interested in organizing any events or showcasing their talent please contact the Mezcla Chair, Judith Landeros. 

Mezcla is looking for committee members interested in: theater, dance, spoken word, poetry, art, photography, instrumental & vocal music, the fine and performing arts.
We are open to anyone who is interested in the performance arts; no experience is necessary. Contact:

Publicity Committee:
Interested in helping get the word out for any of ALIANZA’S events or have any creative ideas about how to market ALIANZA’S events?

Please contact Aldo Gallardo (President) at for more information.


II. Alianza Hoodies Available
Alianza is now selling its official gear to show pride this coming Hispanic Heritage Celebration 2008.  Please click on the link to place your order.  Once purchased, they will be delivered to the Multicultural Center (MCC) where you’ll be able to pick it up.  It’ll designate who is officially an active member and supporter of Alianza.  Show your solidarity with us and stay warm this fall and winter when enduring the rough Chicago winters.

Please contact Aldo Gallardo (President) at for more information.

III. Singers – Poets – Artists – Actors
Do you have a talent you want show off?
If so, you should perform at the Mezcla Open Mic Night!
Contact Judith Landeros at by October 17th.

Events and Meetings:
I. La Vista Northshore
WNUR’s very own Latino public affairs show!
Listen in every Friday from 9-10 p.m. on WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago’s Sound Experiment
Listen online at

II. A Declaration of Immigration is an exhibition that depicts many of the experiences and viewpoints within U.S. immigrant communities. The works of over 70 artists will help visitors increase their understanding of this complex issue by providing immigrant perspectives that are seldom included in the national debate.

The National Museum of Mexican Art
1852 W. 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60608
Download schedule:

III. Election 2008: New Voters, New Media, New Engagement
Oct. 3
8:30 a.m.  12:30 p.m.
(refreshments provided)
McCormick Auditorium, Norris Center

The conference begins at 9 a.m., with a continental breakfast served starting at 8:30 a.m. Snacks will be offered during breaks.
This three-panel conference examines the implications of these trends for both civic engagement and the news media.
A joint conference by Medill and the Center for Civic Engagement

IV. Chicago Field Studies Information Session
The deadline to apply for Chicago Field Studies is coming up! OCTOBER 10TH!
Come find out about Chicago Field Studies and speak with former participants of the program!!!
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
@ 1914 Sheridan Road
African American Student Affairs Conference Room

V. The Asian American Studies Program annual OPEN HOUSE
Thursday — October 2nd
12:30PM – 2:00PM
Kresge 1-435

Come see our new offices, meet the faculty and find out what’s new in the Asian American Studies Program!
*Food from Ruby of Siam will be served* 

VI. Premiere of A Forgotten Justice
A Fantastic documentary to see.
By: Vicente Serrano
Oct. 1st
More info:

VII. This week is your LAST CHANCE to register to vote! 
Luckily, NU Decides is hosting BLITZ WEEK… a week filled with voter registration during the following days, times, and locations:

* Norris Bookstore: 11AM – 4PM
* Tech: 11AM – 4PM

* Norris Bookstore: 11AM – 4PM

* The Rock: 11AM – 4PM
* Norris Bookstore: 11AM – 4PM
* Tech: 11AM – 4PM

Thursday 10/2
* The Rock: 11AM – 4PM
* Norris Bookstore: 11AM – 4PM

For more information contact NU Decides at


Volunteer Opportunities
I. Dear Obama Supporters
Join us during New Student Week to help recruit others for canvassing trips, voter registration, phone banking events and more. All through our New Student Week, there will be NUSFBO representatives at the Arch, in front of Lisa’s Cafe and in front of Allison Hall. Volunteers will be approaching students to sign up for information in how to get involved in the campaign and gather support for Barack Obama.

For more information contact:
Patience Baach
NUSFBO Outreach Coordinator
(202) 270-7035

II. Think this election is important? 
Know that the only way to make politicians care about what young people want is by making sure that thousands of us get out to vote?
Then help coordinate a voter registration table next week with NU Decides!

NU Decides needs your help! In addition to the volunteers who will help us register voters and send out registrations, we need people to help coordinate our voter registration tables next week. You will be at the table for most of the day from 11-5, but don’t need to be at the table the whole day.

Here is the Schedule for next week:
Contact Dulce Acosta-Licea at


Job Opportunities: 
I. Another opportunity that has come our way from USG, one of our corporate members.  They are currently seeking a part-time accounting intern for their downtown offices.  They are hoping to fill this position as soon as possible…any student who might be interested in this position should contact me or Rachel Tanchez at in order to apply. 

II. After School Matters 
Nuestra Cultura Theater Project
Do you know anyone between the ages of 14 – 17?
Do you need an after-school job/activity?
Have you always wanted to give acting a try?
Do you speak Spanish?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, Aguijon Theater’s Nuestra Cultura Theater Project just might be for you.  If you like to act or perform in any way (or are interested in lighting, costume or set design), take this opportunity to sign up for this 10-week PAID apprenticeship. 

How to Sign Up:
Go to and register no later than September 30th.  

III. Position Open at Latina and Latino Studies
Job title:   Clerical Aid 3
Department:  Latina and Latino Studies Program
Job Description:   Maintain records and perform basic office functions, 
mostly afternoons.  Good computer and phone skills are required.
Qualifications:  Good clerical experience, ability to work independently 
and carry out projects in the absence of direct supervision. Student 
must possess good judgment, maturity, positive attitude, and must be 
detail oriented.
Pay Rate:  $7.50
Contact:  Grisel Murillo  –

· Something for the listserv? Contact A WEEK before the event/deadline.
· Announcements are sent out each Sunday.


Taco Gate 2008

September 29, 2008


Click to read complete The Daily article

Click to read complete The Daily article


Please contact Aldo Gallardo (President) at for more information.

DiversiFYInu Student Concern

September 23, 2008

To whom it may concern:

       I am writing this e-mail in reference to the essential NU I just
 attended—Faces of American:DiversiFYInu. I wanted to address certain
 aspects of the presentation that I, and other students, found
 offensive. For starters, I was perturbed by the representation of the
 Mexican from East Los Angeles, who though was said to be educated, was
 portrayed as ignorant, ill mannered, and nescient. Many of my fellow
 Latinos agreed that the depiction failed in its attempts to reflect
 our positive attributes, and instead proved to be a pejorative
 experience. Yes, many of us come from financially unstable
 backgrounds, and yes, many of us are from areas where gang violence is
 prevalent, including myself; however, not all of us associate with
 such circumstances. Moreover even for the ones that do, we can still
 express ourselves eloquently and hold intellectually stimulating
 conversations, unlike the character being presented. This portrayal
 reflected much of the negative attention the media imposes on Latinos,
 and I thought it did little to remove those barriers and prejudices,
 especially when the woman portraying all these characters went so far
 as to say that though the characters were not necessarily representing
 one race, they gathered many character traits and personallities in
 order to attain the “general idea”. I’m sorry, but my “general idea”
 of a Latino does not include someone who disrespects his mother in
 such a provacative manner (believe me, in my culture, this is not a
 matter taken lightly), nor is he someone who is constantly saying
 “ese” or “homes”.
       As it is Latinos and other minority groups are bombarded with the
 misfortune of dealing with the stereotypes often associated with their
 ethnicity, especially in institutions of higher learning. Many of us
 end up giving up part of our culture for fear of not wanting to be
 stereotyped or placed in certain categories. Others are plainly
 resigned to accepting those stereotypes as a part of life. I believe
 that part of the reason Latinos have such a hard time in these
 institutions is because much of their energy is expended in trying to
 educate these communities—energy that we could instead be using
 towards our studies. Unfortunately, we aren’t as privaledged like the
 majority of the students in these schools, merely because the color of
 our skin, the texture of our hair, or the accents at the end of some
 of our words are different. And yes, I recognize that it necessary to
 help others understand where we come from and what makes us who we
 are—I am all for bringing people from diverse backgrounds together.
 However, I felt that this Essential NU did little to help such
       I think presentations addressing diversity are crucial; nonetheless,
 I feel there could be other ways to approach such issues in the
 future, perhaps a student panel composed of the student leaders
 heading the multicultural groups on campus, or even maybe a different
 presentation group. I just hope next year’s Essentail NU has students
 feeling a lot better than this one did.

 Thank you for your time.

 Tonantzin Carmona 


Please contact Tonantzin Carmona (Active Alianza Member, Class of 2012) at for more information.

Mark Your Calendars!

September 10, 2008

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: the Alianza Hispanic Heritage Month calendar is ready!  Pencil us in your planner, PDA, iCal and memories, for this is going to be the most exciting, jam-packed quarter of your life.  We hope to see you at all of our events, and we encourage you to attend the events of the other Latina/o student groups.  Hispanic Heritage Month is right around the corner, are you ready?


September 19th (Fri) – Hispanic/Latino Student Experience, Wildcat Room & Big Ten Room (Norris), 5:30pm-6:30pm (co-sponsored with H/LSA and New Student Week)

September 22th (Mon) – ASG Activities Fair, Norris, 1pm-4pm

October 3rd (Fri) – Festival LatiNU: “Mi Casa, Tu Casa,” Louis Room (Norris), 6:00pm, (co-sponsored with H/LSA), *SAFB Funded*

October 9th (Thurs) – Latina/o Studies Panel, Northwestern Room (Norris), 6:30pm, (co-sponsored with the LSP Student Planning Committee & the ASG Academic Committee)

October 17th (Fri) – Fuego: The First Annual Latina/o Bonfire, Lake Fill Fire Pit, 8pm-11pm, (co-sponsored with all of the Latina/o undergraduate groups: ¡Ahora! Magazine, CLAVE, H/LSA, LTA, ¡LSP AHORA!, Mezcla, ODPhi, SHPE & SLG)

October 26th (Sun) – “Rock the Vote!,” MCC, 7pm-9pm, (co-sponsored with College Democrats, College Republicans, Northwestern University for McCain, Northwestern University Students for Barack Obama, NU Decides)

October 30th (Thurs) – Mezcla Open Mic, The Gathering Place (In back of the Norris Food Court), 7pm-9pm, (co-sponsored with Mezcla)

November 2nd (Sun) – Día de los Muertos, Alter at the MCC/Lecture at Sheil, (co-sponsored with H/LSA, LaFe & Sheil)

November 16th (Sun) – Alianza High School Day, 3:00pm-5:00pm, MCC, (co-sponsored with Organización Latina de Evanston [OLE])

November 22nd (Sat) – The First Annual Latina/o Tailgate: Northwestern [Latinas/os] vs Illinois, co-sponsored by Asian/Asian American Student Affairs, TBA


Please contact Aldo Gallardo (President) at for more information.